History/Move To The New Course

Events Leading Up To The Move

In 1968 an approach was made to the club by Ravenstone Securities Ltd to acquire the land rented by the club from the Elderslie Estates. In exchange for the acquisition of the land, Ravenstone Securities headed by their Chairman, Reo Stakis, would undertake to provide for the club in excess of 105 acres of land within the Blythswood Estate for the purpose of building a new golf course and clubhouse. Ravenstone, realising the demand for private housing within the Renfrew District and the shortage of available land for development, could see the commercial viability of such an offer. The Club's Council were also very much aware of the possible benefits of such a proposition. It was inevitable that at some future date Renfrew would lose more land for private or commercial development and eventually perhaps the Club itself.

To reject such a proposal would have been catastrophic for Renfrew Golf Club. Negotiations between the "consenting parties" were instigated through Professor John M Halliday of Bishop, Milne Boyd & Co. Solicitors, (now known as Bishop & Co.). Over the ensuing four years many meetings were held involving officials of the Club, Ravenstone, Renfrew County Council, Renfrew Burgh, the Course Builders - Wimpey Construction, the Course Architect, Commander John D Harris and John Dickie & Son, the Clubhouse Contractors. The Club's Solicitors drafted a "Heads of Agreement" between Renfrew and Ravenstone Securities Ltd. On completion of the course, clubhouse and outbuildings a feu contract was drawn up between Renfrew and Ravenstone and signed by the Club's officials Andrew A Stuart (Captain) David W W Osborne (Vice Captain) and Matthew B Hewitt (Secretary) on 12 May 1973.

New Course Opens

On Saturday 29 September 1973 at 2.30p.m. the new Blythswood Course was officially opened by the late James T Douglas, President of the Scottish Golf Union. The programme of ceremony commenced with the introduction of James Douglas by Captain Andrew Stuart. Mr Douglas congratulated the Club on its achievement and wished all those fortunate enough to be members many happy years in the new location. A presentation was then made to Mr Douglas and Captain Stuart replied on behalf of the officials and members of the club.