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The wide range of health benefits for people of all ages playing the sport of golf is well documented and has been the subject of scientific research. Dr Andrew Murray, Chief Medical Officer of the European Tour, recently said: “Playing golf is one of the best things you can do for your health. It adds years to life and improves physical and mental health." Golf Digest reported that golfers on average burn 1,400 calories and walk upwards of 4 miles when playing a round of golf. So for all those Fit Bit users out there this exceeds the recommended daily 10,000 steps. At Renfrew we extend a warm welcome to new members and have a range of membership categories to suit which includes discounts for junior, youth, intermediate and 5 day members. It is a very friendly Club with a full calendar of competitive and non-competitive fun events and social activities. With its very flat parkland layout and the excellent position of the Clubhouse, the option to play either nine, 12 or 18 holes will appeal to a wealth of players. Whether golfers are new to the sport, trying to slot in time between hectic schedules, or players have physical limitations that mean they do not want anything too demanding, Renfrew Golf Club provides a course that’s suitable for all abilities.

2023 Subscriptions for Existing Members

The following table details the 2023 membership fees for members. The maximum saving is made if the subscription is paid in full at the beginning of the golf season, however the cost can be spread over 8 and 12 months by monthly Direct Debit payments but this will incur a surcharge.

* Please note that Restricted, Life, Senior Life and Associate are not open to new members.  

Restricted *As per Club rules£765
Five DayMon - Friday£675
Life *As per Club rules£405
Senior Life *As per Club rules£225
Associate *As per Club rules£630
Club 18 29 18-29 yrsFrom £225
Junior 15 - 17 yrs£50
Junior12 - 14 yrs£25
Junior        Under 12£10

* Please note that Restricted, Life, Senior Life and Associate are not open to new members.  

On completion of the form, please either hand it in at the Club or send to the Managing Secretary at the address listed at the top of the form. In the event that you do not know any members of the Club to act as your proposers, then please indicate this on the form.

Membership Enquiries

To make further enquiries about membership please either complete the contact form or telephone the Managing Secretary on 0141 886 6692. If you would rather email the Club direct then the following email address should be used;

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